I love fashion. I love its history, its impact on society, the expressiveness and symbolism of the one thing that all human beings have in common: wearing clothes. I am at my happiest when I bring my love and understanding of fashion to my clients. Watching their eyes light up as they rediscover what makes them feel great is what fuels me. Knowing that they trust me during this personal and intimate journey is something I cherish and don’t take lightly.

Everything about my role as a fashion consultant is personal and unique to you. All sessions start with an online questionnaire and additional thought-provoking activities. Your own virtual closet will be created in a private account which allows for easy and convenient communication regarding your wardrobe. All sessions include follow up and unlimited calling, email, or text message inquiries for up to two weeks after your initial meeting.



Core Services

Establish a solid fashion foundation that will save you time and money while providing lifelong confidence and clarity. All Core Services are offered virtually with the exception of Color Analysis.

COLOR ANALYSIS (1.5 hours) Discover your personal color “season” and watch your face and hair brighten and glow. Experience the joy of wearing your perfect color palette and no longer fall back on basic black. Not only will you look and feel vibrant, managing your wardrobe, shopping, and even packing for trips will be easier and more rewarding!


WARDROBE EVALUATION and CLOSET EDIT (2 -3 hours) Unlock your signature look and take control of your closet using your lifestyle, activities, personality, current clothing and body type as your guide. Carrie will gently assist you through those difficult decisions regarding what to keep and what to let go. Make solid choices on what to wear today and what to buy tomorrow, and enjoy the confidence you will feel from embracing your personal style!

IMAGE UPDATE (hours may vary) Radiate confidence and reach your goals as you determine where you are now and where you’d like to be. Receive solid advice on every aspect of your appearance from hair to clothing and accessories to harness the power of looking your best. Recommended prerequisites: Color Analysis and Wardrobe Evaluation/Closet Edit.

PERSONAL SHOPPING (2-5 hours) Carrie will shop with you or for you, in person or online, with personalized recommendations based on your budget, lifestyle, and body type. In-person shopping trips will include pre-shopping by Carrie to ensure the best use of your time. Experience the comfort and convenience of shopping with a trusted ally and never again feel overwhelmed!



Specialty Services

Build upon Carrie M.’s Core Services or use as stand-alone experiences that are as practical as they are fun. Capsule Wardrobe and Clothing Box Companion services offered virtually.


CAPSULE WARDROBE (hours may vary) Relish in the effortlessness of a compact mix-and-match wardrobe that can be used for vacations, work, maternity, new career, or just to make dressing every day a snap. Save money by using current pieces and add new upon Carrie’s recommendation.

CLOTHING BOX COMPANION (hours may vary) Receive an expert opinion on your box of clothing from Stitch Fix, M.M. LaFleur, Trunk Club, or any other clothing subscription service. Gain trusted advice regarding fit, color and construction, and suggestions on how to integrate pieces into your existing wardrobe.

WARDROBE REFRESH (2-3 hours) Wake up your closet and create new outfits without leaving the house! Let Carrie look at your clothing with fresh eyes, suggesting different combinations and/or a change of hemline, sleeve length or button replacement resulting in stylish looks you may have never thought of. Feel like you have a new wardrobe using minimal time and expense!

CUSTOM SEWING COACHING (hours may vary) Take advantage of Carrie’s years of design and sewing expertise and have her coach you in creating your own one-of-a-kind wardrobe. Use a dressmaker of your choice or your own sewing skills and let Carrie assist in design, fabric, fit and construction to help you create unique and original pieces. Then get ready to receive compliments!

GROUP CONSULTATIONS (hours may vary) Plan an unforgettable experience with a group consultation for two or more people. Have a color analysis done with your best friend on her birthday, a clothing swap party in your home, or a private shopping experience with your college buddies. The possibilities abound!