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How are you supposed to wear those cute fall/winter peep-toe shoes and boots?

As seen in Knoxville Style Magazine, September - October 2018

Indeed, peep-toe shoes and boots are DARLING, but they present a chilly challenge when winter strikes. It's often best to wear them when transitioning from fall to winter, creating a magical mix of multi-seasonal clothes.

Peep Toe Boot.PNG

These stylish sandal-and-boot hybrids complement skinny-silhouetted pants; avoid donning them with wide-legged trousers. They really shine with fall skirts and dresses. For a chic look, try them on a warmer day of the season with a sleeveless dress - the "heavier" shoe coupled with your bare limbs has a slimming effect.

 While it’s still warm enough for your stems to be bare, make sure you have a great pedicure (or clean, trimmed tootsies). If you wear tights, keep them opaque and aim for a color close to your shoe to stay on the safer side of daring. Choose seamless-toed tights, otherwise, work the toe seam to the underside of your foot as you pull them on. And although we love Grandma, don't be like her… under NO circumstances should you wear reinforced toes!

 Ready to make a statement? Try patterned tights or a contrasting neutral color such as plum. (Think about it: plum goes with everything!) And as the months grow colder, avoid wearing the abbreviated footwear during your daily travels to avoid cold or wet tootsies, but do pull them out if you have a fun, casual party to attend indoors!

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How do I tastefully use patterns in a professional outfit?

As seen in Knoxville Style Magazine, April-May 2018

Using and mixing patterns is an art anyone can master, and guarantees a stylish touch. The key is how to pull it off looking like Beauty rather than the Beast!


When using patterns in a professional atmosphere, less is more. Start small with a simple piece like a patterned scarf; vintage stores are a great place to find interesting and inexpensive options. Or, try wearing a patterned blouse under a solid jacket or cardigan.

 As you grow more confident, combine patterned pieces that follow the same color palette (choose one piece with a variety of colors, and use it to match other items that may have two to three of the same shades). Stick with muted tones rather than vivid to remain work appropriate. Vary the size and design of the motif, such as a large floral alongside a smaller scale floral or polka dot.

 While in the workplace, avoid busy designs on larger, core items of clothing such as suits, pants, or full skirts. Choose the proportion of the pattern based upon your body type and avoid using patterns near areas you would like to de-emphasize. The reverse goes for areas you’d like to bring attention to, such as your pretty face!

Patterns can become a part of your signature style. Do you love stripes? Plaids? Make them your own!

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